Yasugawa Wildlife – August 20-31, 2013

This video shows wildlife in and near Yasugawa between Mikamiyama and Bodaijisan in late August, 2013. We can see crows, egrets, herons, geese (high overhead), cormorants, and a nutria. It was extremely hot during most of this period. I had never seen so many crows and cormorants together. Also, I had no idea that nutria were living here until I reviewed video clips that I’d taken. They are a very destructive invasive species that eat farmers’ crops.

This location is a 20-minute walk from my house. Usually I go by mountain bike, which takes 4 or 5 minutes. Traffic sounds are pretty loud, but at least we can find interesting wildlife. Egrets and herons are extremely shy out here in the country. In Kyoto people can get within 50 or 60 meters, but here they will fly if anyone gets within several hundred meters. Wildlife scenes in the river were shot in late afternoon with an Olympus OM-D E-M5 camera and an old 300mm Olympus OM System lens. For scenes at the beginning and end I used an Olympus 17mm f1.8 lens.

Ritto, Shiga Prefecture, Japan

Published by Greg Peterson

Professor Emeritus, Kyoto Notre Dame University (1977-2020). Since 1980 I have lived in Shiga Prefecture, Japan, where I enjoy outdoor activities, especially photography, hiking, and cycling.

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