Listening to Pee Wee Baseball Practice

On Sundays we can see many activities along the banks of Yasugawa in Ritto and Moriyama. There are several ground golf courses, a golf putting course, tennis and basketball courts, a beautiful track for track & field events, and, in Moriyama downstream from the JR train tracks, a large grassy field for picnics.

On Sunday, April 13, 2014, I took a bike ride along the river. On the way back home I saw some little boys doing batting practice. They were all wearing uniforms, so I assumed that it was a Pee Wee baseball team. One of their coaches was pitching gently, and I noticed that the boys hit nearly every pitched ball.

Visually the scene was pretty dull, with the boys mostly and some adults standing around under an overcast sky. But acoustically it was more dramatic. I was struck by the contrast between the low rumble of background noise and the sharp ping of metallic baseball bats that dominated the soundscape.

This field recording has been added to radio aporee ::: maps – Deba, Ritto, Shiga, Japan.

445-29 Takano, Ritto City, Shiga Prefecture, Japan

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