Small truck driving away from camera on a narrow street.

Recycling Collection Truck at Hayashi Kita

On May 5, 2014, a quiet and gloomy holiday here in Ritto, the loudest sound was the loudspeaker of a recycling collection truck that slowly drove around the neighborhood. Such trucks often come on Sundays and holidays. I recorded this one at the Hayashi Kita intersection as it made a loop around the Hayashi neighborhood.

Under the pedestrian overpass I noticed some wild flowers.

Low angle photo from under a pedestrian overpass

Wild flowers growing under the Hayashi Kita pedestrian overpass, with fields and a mountain in the background.

This poppy will win no beauty contests, but it’s doing okay considering its location.

Closeup of a wild poppy, with one petal in upper right turned down.

Wild poppy at Hayashi Kita intersection

I suppose these weeds will be cut by a maintenance crew, but for now they’re surviving and adding a little natural color.

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