Shinkansen train, with motion a little blurred, entering a bridge from the right. Blue mountains under a cloudy sky are in the background.

Shinkansen at Yasugawa

Just before Typhoon 19 came to Kansai, I shot a short video clip of the Kyoto-bound Shinkansen as it entered the bridge over Yasugawa near my home in Ritto City.

This Fall I plan to shoot more video with my still camera, an Olympus OM-D E-M5. I have several old Olympus OM System manual lenses, which seem to work very well for video. For this clip I used a 300mm/f4 OM System Zuiko Auto T lens that I bought in 1986 for my OM-2 film camera. On a micro 4/3 camera like the E-M5 the crop factor makes it equivalent to a 600mm lens on a 35mm film or full-frame digital camera.

An additional motivation is to learn to edit video with software on Linux operating systems such as CentOS. This clip was edited with OpenShot. I have an old Apple MacBook with professional video editing software, but I want to be able to all of my media work with free/libre and open-source software (FLOSS).

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