Yasugawa egrets and herons, black kites, crows, and cormorants at Deba, Ritto City, Shiga Prefecture, Japan. Shot with 200mm and 300mm Olympus (manual) lenses and an Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mk. II camera. on August 9 & 10, 2015. Music: Stargazers Pt. 1 by Ben Timm, The Official Karian. License: Creative Commons Attribution.

Cormorants (カワウ), great egrets (ダイサギ), and other birds
Cormorants (カワウ), great egrets (ダイサギ), and other birds
Cormorant (カワウ)
Cormorant (カワウ)
Great egret (ダイサギ) in Yasugawa at Deba
Great egret (ダイサギ) in Yasugawa at Deba
Grey heron (アオサギ)
Grey heron (アオサギ)

In early August the river was full of small fish, and several species of predators were feeding together upstream from the Japan Route 8 bridge, Yasugawa Ohashi (野洲川大橋). It was great fun to watch cormorants, herons, and two species of egrets as they hunted near each other. Egrets sometimes bullied each other, and now and then a Japanese black kite appeared. Although they don’t appear prominently in the video, a lot of crows were also on gravel banks near the river.

Hardware: Shot with 200mm and 300mm Olympus (manual) lenses, Kenko polarizing filters on an Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II camera. I used a Velbon Sherpa 545 II tripod and a D-65 fluid head.

Software: Audacity (audio), digiKam (photos) and OpenShot (video) on a Lenovo ワークステーション ThinkStation S-20 running Fedora Workstation.

Note on timing: The day after I shot the last video clip I checked into a nearby hospital (済生会 滋賀県病院) for an inguinal hernia operation, which I had late afternoon on August 12th. I was released from the hospital on Friday, August 14th. The doctor and nurses told me to take it easy for a while, so I did post-production work until today, August 16th. In a few days I should be able to walk to the river again, hopefully with my camera. I’m really looking forward to getting outdoors again, this time with a healthy body!

Published by Greg Peterson

Professor Emeritus, Kyoto Notre Dame University (1977-2020). Since 1980 I have lived in Shiga Prefecture, Japan, where I enjoy outdoor activities, especially photography, hiking, and cycling.

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