Sorry that I have not updated the Shiga Rivers blog recently, mostly due to laziness but partly due to serious health issues. In May 2019 I experienced abdominal pain and spent several weeks in the hospital for treatment of jaundice. After many tests I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer (膵臓がん). In July and August I spent 24 days in Saiseikai Shigaken Hospital (済生会滋賀県病院) for major surgery, a nine-hour pancreaticoduodenectomy (Whipple procedure (Japanese: 膵頭十二指腸切除術) to remove my duodenum and gall bladder, 50% of my pancreas, and 20% of my stomach

I am fortunate to live very close to Saiseikai Shigaken Hospital – 済生会滋賀県病院 (see also, 済生会滋賀県病院 on Wikipedia). In 2019 I spend so many days there that I have become well-adapted to Japanese hospital culture, which I really appreciate. The doctors, nurses, technicians, and rehabilitation staff have treated me with friendly compassion great professionalism. Without their knowledge and skills I would not be alive today.

My medical experiences are documented under Pancreatic cancer (膵臓がん), which I will update from time to time. I will continue focus this Shiga River blog on nature and cultural in (mostly) rural Japan.

Published by Greg Peterson

Professor Emeritus, Kyoto Notre Dame University (1977-2020). Since 1980 I have lived in Shiga Prefecture, Japan, where I enjoy outdoor activities, especially photography, hiking, and cycling.

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