Yasugawa in Winter

This is near my house in Shiga Prefecture, Japan. Images and sounds were gathered between December 29, 2012, and January 3, 2013. From here the river gradually slows and then enters Lake Biwa, Japan’s largest freshwater lake. Shiga Rivers is a series of media productions about rivers in Shiga Prefecture, Japan. Yasugawa in Winter is […]

Sorting and labeling old photographs

This is a transcript of an audio recording for my Getting Along podcast. Transcript I have several thousand old photographs that I took more than 40 years ago. I’d like to preserve some of those memories and share them with friends and family members. In order to do that I have to digitize them. In […]

Trends in academic information services (2011-01)

I wrote this in January, 2011, for members of the Academic Information Center. Trends in academic information services There are quite a few lists of short-term and long-long trends in academic libraries and information services. Some are speculative, and some are visible now. Here is my attempt to reduce the number of trends to a […]