One Day in December

On December 30, 2017, I rode my mountain bike downstream along Yasugawa (野洲川) to Moriyama City (守山市). From the riverbank I rode to Hatonomori Park (鳩の森公園). I shot a few video clips and still photographs of birds that I saw. Photos Most cormorants (カワウ), great egrets (ダイサギ), and grey herons (アオサギ) fly south in late […]

Little Egrets (コサギ)

Little egrets (コサギ) in December In Shiga Prefecture, Japan, most egrets and herons fly south in mid-autumn. Only a few a few remain, including several little egrets in locations that I often visit. One stays in Hatonomori Park in Moriyama City (滋賀県 守山市 鳩の森公園), and several can be seen along Oyamakawa in Yasu City (滋賀県 […]