Young Swallows Fly

Video On June 9, 2014, five young swallows flew from their nest. Three apparently left early, but two remained until mid-morning. I was able to catch both of them on video as they left the nest. Prior to first flight the young swallows seemed to behave pretty much as they had the day before. […]

Young Swallows Prepare to Fly

Video Young swallows are almost ready to fly on June 8, 2014. They take turns stretching and beating their wing furiously. Their parents continue to feed them as other swallows enter the car port and get them. Technical notes Video clips were shot with an Olympus OM-D EM-5 camera and an old OM-System Zuiko […]

Young Swallows Feeding, Part 3

Photo galleries Here are more photos of swallows, taken on June 7, 2014. The two galleries, one of photos taken from the stairs inside and the other from the opposite direction outside, are in natural sequence, but many photos were omitted. I concentrated on the adults as they arrived and approached the nest, fed one […]

Young Swallows Feeding, Part 2

Quick birds in low light June 6, 2014, was a cloudy day here in Ritto City. Photographing young swallows in the car port in poor light was a challenge. It was sunny when I previously photographed them on June 2nd (Young Swallows Feeding). Here are some of the photos in a small gallery. This time […]

Young Swallows Feeding

Five Young Swallows In mid-April I reported on swallows building a nest in my car port. After six weeks, five voracious young swallows are growing in the nest. Video On June 2, 2014, I made a short video and took some photos of the young swallows. I tried to capture feeding scenes as the adults […]