Emotional TV drama professionals

Many TV dramas celebrate immaturity and inept job performance.


I used to like TV dramas about police officers or other professionals, but recently many lead characters have emotional problems. Many have family problems, some have difficulty in interpersonal relationships, and in many cases their job performance suffers because of their inability to concentrate or to get along with other people at work. Many TV dramas celebrate immaturity and inept job performance. Of course, drama is supposed to be exciting, but I think they give young people false impressions about professional behavior.

In the early 1970s I worked in the criminal justice system in San Francisco, California. When I began, I was 22 years old, just out of college. I had to deal with people who were sometimes distraught or angry, and I quickly learned to concentrate, to stay calm, and to communicate clearly.

Unlike the characters in many TV dramas, nobody brought their emotional issues to work. Sometimes people shared personal problems at lunchtime, but most of the talk was about work, and we listened carefully when old-timers shared their experiences.

Professional work requires clear thinking and accurate, objective communication, especially in delicate situations. Of course, everyone has human weaknesses, but many TV drama characters are not mature enough to keep professional jobs.

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