Morning Walk in Ritto

Before checking into Saiseikai Shigaken Hospital (済生会滋賀県病院) on January 13, 2020, I took a photowalk in and near my neighborhood and saw a Japanese pied wagtail (ハクセキレイ), some people flying kites, a farmer in a field, and a little egret (コサギ) in a canal.

First photos of 2020

The beginning of the modern new year in January overlaps two traditional Japanese seasons: 冬至 Tōji (Winter solstice) and 小寒 Shōkan (Lesser cold). In Shiga Prefecture autumn colors have mostly disappeared. Susuki grass and shrubs along rivers have become a darker shade of brown. We can see some flowers, but most large and colorful flowers have been planted. Small winter migrant birds have appeared, adding some activity and color to the countryside and local parks.

Pancreatic cancer (膵臓がん)

In spring 2019 I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer (膵臓がん). In July and August I spent 24 days in Saiseikai Shigaken Hospital - 済生会滋賀県病院 (Wikipedia: 済生会滋賀県病院 for major surgery, a nine-hour pancreaticoduodenectomy - Whipple procedure (膵頭十二指腸切除術) to remove my duodenum and gall bladder, 50% of my pancreas, and 20% of my stomach.