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Carp in Yasugawa

On Sunday, April 19, 2015, carp were spawning in shallow water in the north fork of Yasugawa just above the Japan Route 8 bridge (Yasugawa Ohashi). I made some video clips of the scene and produced short movie.

The location can seen on the map below. The satellite image is quite old. The main riverbed has moved southwest, but the small north fork remains the same.

I was surprised to see carp spawning this early, but I’m glad that I got a chance to see them. I rarely to to the north bank of the river. Usually I carry my camera along the south side the river in Ritto City, which we can see in the photo above and in the closing scene of the video. On Sunday I just happened to be in an interesting place with my camera a and small tripod.

Canal Fish

Little fish, about 10-15cm long, are swimming in an irrigation and flood control canal at the southeast corner of the Hayashi Kita intersection in Ritto City, Shiga Prefecture, Japan.

This location is about 120 meters from my house. The canal is covered from the camera position and runs under the sidewalk along the north side of my neighborhood. A larger open canal runs through the neighborhood on the south side. Once or twice a year we clean that canal and trim the hedges along it. In July we took about 1.2 tons of cuttings to the Ritto City incinerator. (I drove one of the trucks.)

The audio is mostly traffic on the bypass between Japan Routes 1 (right) and 8 (left). The engine idling in the second half of the recording was in a ten-ton dump truck about three meters behind and to the left of the camera.

Video scenes were shot with an Olympus OM-D E-M5 camera and two lenses: a 25mm f1.4 Panasonic/Leica DG SUMMILUX and mostly an old Zuiko OM System 35-105mm manual zoom and manual focus lens. To reduce glare from the water I used circular polarizing filters and shot at midday when the sun was highest in the shy.