Crickets in Takano Playground

Crickets at night in the trees andbushes between Takano Shrine and Takano Playground in Ritto City, Shiga Prefcture, Japan. I recorded with an Audio-Technica BP4025 stereo microphone and an Olympus LS-100 recorder. For post-processing is used Audacity on CentOS-6 (GNU/Linux). There was a lot of traffic noise, so I applied a high-pass filter aggressively from […]

Frogs in Rice Paddies, Hayashi, Ritto City (2)

Frogs in rice paddies in Hayashi, Ritto City, Japan. Second of two recordings done about 01:30 on 16 July 2013 when nearby car traffic was minimal. Recorded with an Audio Technica BP 4025 stereo mic to an Olympus LS100 recorder. This recording was also posted on the radio aporee sound map (Hayashi, Ritto City, Shiga, […]