Takano Playground on a Dark Sunday Afternoon

On Sunday, the 4th of August, we had a little rain and some thunder late in the afternoon. At Takano Playground, a short walk from my house, cicadas were singing quietly. A pigeon and a crow also called out, and there was some car traffic nearby. (This audio also appears on radio aporee maps.) It […]

Small Irrigation Canal, Hayashi, Ritto City

Close-up recording of water flowing in a small irrigation canal along a rice paddy in Hayashi, Ritto City, Japan. Recording was done with an Audio Technica BP 4025 stereo microphone and an Olympus LS100 recorder at about 02:00 on 16 July 2013. This photo of the little canal was taken later (August 4, 2013).

Frogs in Rice Paddies, Hayashi, Ritto City (2)

Frogs in rice paddies in Hayashi, Ritto City, Japan. Second of two recordings done about 01:30 on 16 July 2013 when nearby car traffic was minimal. Recorded with an Audio Technica BP 4025 stereo mic to an Olympus LS100 recorder. This recording was also posted on the radio aporee sound map (Hayashi, Ritto City, Shiga, […]

New Year 2013 Temple Bell in Ritto, Japan

New Year 2013 temple bell in Ritto City, Shiga Prefecture, Japan. http://soundcloud.com/gpjp/new-year-temple-bell-in-japan Celebrating the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013, neighborhood people took turns ringing the bell beginning 15 minutes before midnight on New Year’s Eve. This recording is available on my Soundcloud page.