Lower Yasugawa Sounds

On 1 July 2014 I rode my bike about 7km down Yasugawa and recorded insects, birds, and a lot of low frequency noise from machinery and aircraft. Six minutes of my recording can be heard on SoundCloud. Listen with good headphones or speakers to hear the low frequencies. https://soundcloud.com/gpjp/lower-yasugawa-on-1-july-2014 This location along the river is […]

Shinkansen at Yasugawa

http://youtu.be/dFelSTYdqtQ Several Shinkansen trains at Yasugawa seen from the Moriyama side of the river. Trains going from right to left are bound for Tokyo. Trains coming from the left will soon stop at Kyoto. Shinkansen passengers have a beautiful view of Mikamiyama and other scenery as they pass through Shiga Prefecture in comfort. Audio for the […]

Frogs in Rice Paddies, Hayashi, Ritto City (1)

Frogs in rice paddies in Hayashi, Ritto City, Japan. First of two recordings done about 01:30 on 16 July 2013 when nearby car traffic was minimal. (The 15th was a public holiday.) Recorded with an Audio Technica BP 4025 stereo mic and an Olympus LS100 recorder.